Prohibition of Anchoring in The Straits of Malacca and Singapore

We wish to draw Members’ attention to the following information from the Marine Department Malaysia (MALAYSIAN SHIPPING NOTICE 35/2010).

There has been a proliferation of vessels anchoring within the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) and Precautionary Areas in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore as well as between the landward limits of the TSS and approaches to the ports. These vessels pose a risk to the safety of navigation by obstructing port approaches and traffic flow.

There have been several reported cases of collision incidents involving vessels as well as reports on submarine cable damage caused by such indiscriminate anchoring of vessels at non-designated anchorages along the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

Mariners are therefore reminded not to anchor in all areas in the TSS of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore (Rule 10 (g) of the COLREGs also refers); as well as between the landward limits of the TSS and approaches to the ports. Vessels entering port are to anchor in the anchorages designated.

Mariners are hereby given notice that the Maritime Authorities of Malaysia will closely monitor the identities and locations of vessels that are anchoring indiscriminately. The relevant authority will take appropriate action including reporting to the flag State of the vessel.

Where submarine cable damage occurs, the relevant authority will promptly share information with the cable owner(s) and other interested parties to facilitate legal proceedings to recover compensation from the owners and masters of vessels responsible for the damage.

In exceptional circumstances such as an emergency where anchoring cannot be avoided, mariners are advised to carefully ascertain the location of submarine cables from nautical charts and publications to avoid anchoring over these cables.

Anchoring is strictly prohibited in the areas bounded by the following co-ordinates:
Prohibited Anchoring Area ‘A’
Latitude 01°18.412’N, Longitude 104° 13.455’E
Latitude 01° 19.398’N, Longitude 104° 19.387’E
Latitude 01° 19.888’N, Longitude 104° 19.924’E
Latitude 01° 20.581’N, Longitude 104° 19.321’E
Latitude 01° 19.974’N, Longitude 104° 15.990’E
Latitude 01° 19.261’N, Longitude 104° 15.678’E
Latitude 01° 18.852’N, Longitude 104° 13.319’E
Latitude 01° 17.80’N, Longitude 104° 07.30’E
Latitude 01° 17.40’N, Longitude 104° 07.65’E

Prohibited Anchoring Area B
Latitude 01°14.70’N, Longitude 103° 29.95’ E
Latitude 01° 14.30’N, Longitude 103° 29.65’ E
Latitude 01° 13.50’N, Longitude 103° 34.55’ E
Latitude 01° 13.10’N, Longitude 103° 34.45’ E

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