You may download the following documents and forms here.
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For the survey form, please be noted BSM has different check list for different type of ships additional to below survey form. Surveyor must contact BSM Risk Management Department for the proper checklist and instruction before survey.

Description Download file
Shipowners’ P&I Rule 1/2013 BSM_Rule_2013-1.pdf
Shipowner’s P&I Rule 1/2017 Shipowner’s P&I Rule 1/2017
Shipowners’ P&I Enquiry Form BSM Enquiry Form-Owner’s P&I
Shipowners’ P&I Application Formaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BSM Application Form-Owner’s P&I
Charterers’ Liability Rule 1/2016 BSM Charterers Liability Rule 2016-1.pdf
Charterers’ Liability Enquiry Form BSM CL Questionnaire-2016.pdf
Charterers’ Liability Application Form BSM CL Application form-2016.pdf
P&I condition survey form Survey Form