Club Circulars

Cicular date Circular file attachment
2013-08-06 War Risk Cover Requirement-Correction
2013-08-05 Maritime Labour Convention 2006-BSM Compliance
2013-08-05 Compulsory War Risk Cover For Blue Card Issuance
2013-08-02 Ship Entry and Condition Survey Arrangement
2013-08-01 Association’s New Rule-Rule 1/2013
2013-03-06 Guidance on Implementation of MLC 2006.pdf
2013-03-06 Attachment-MLC2006aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2012-12-27 Revised Regulations of China on the Prevention and Control of Marine Pollution from Ships
2012-12-27 Attachment to Circular BSM-RM-10/006/12
2012-12-21 Safe Carriage of Bagged Cargo