About Us

British Steamship Protection & Indemnity Association (Bermuda) Limited is a mutual and offers Shipowners’ P&I and Charterers’ Liability insurance solutions to Shipowners, Charterers, Traders and Operators. Comprehensive cover can be provided to tailor the needs and demands of Shipowners and Charterers when conducting their business.

British Steamship aim to offer its products to Members who are looking for a high level of service and quick professional response. British Steamship attach great importance to this and aim for long term client relationships.

The Management of British Steamship have extensive experience of providing Shipowners’ P&I and Charterers’ Liability insurance and handling claims in the Asia Pacific, former USSR, Baltic and Mediterranean region where most of our Members trade.

Althought set up as a mutual, British Steamship’s strategy is not to have supplementary and release calls. British Steamship offer Shipowners and Charterers limit up to USD500M, backed by first class security rated A or higher by Standard & Poor’s.

British Steamship looks forward to doing business with parties who are interested.